COVID-19 Steps for Returning to EEFC Physical Service

Before Sunday
  1. Ensure you are eligible to attend onsite service (any of the following would result in you being considered “fully vaccinated”)

    a. You must be fully vaccinated as of the date of service (TraceTogether app must show your vaccination status as “Vaccinated”); OR

    b. You must have a negative ART test result taken at an MOH service provider after 11am on the Saturday before service (this will be reflected in your TraceTogether app) [Please refer to the Go Where Singapore Government Portal to list nearby Pre-Event Test Centers];

    c. You must be below 12 years old and be coming with your household members.
  2. Get your tickets on Eventbrite

    a. Every person (including infants or babies to be seated with you) requires a ticket

    b. JSS children do not require a ticket as they will enter a separate part of the church compound and not be a part of the main service

    c. Choose and take note of your seat numbers, as you will be required to sit at your designated seat (i.e. Zone A, row 2, seat a)

    d. If required, please book a priority parking lot on site
On Sunday
  1. Before arrival, ensure that:

    a. You have your tickets ready for every person attending onsite service;

    b. You have a TT token or app for every person attending onsite service (except children under 7 years)
  2. Upon arrival, please:

    a. Enter through the designated door for your Zone

    b. Tap your TT token or phone against the tablet provided at the entrance to the sanctuary. The ushers on duty will verify your vaccination status and check you in

    c. Enter the sanctuary and find your designated seat(s)
  3. During service, please:

    a. Remain in your seat and do not mix with others outside your group (of five persons)

    b. Keep your mask on at all times

    c. Participate in worship without singing (which is currently not allowed)
  4. After service, please:

    a. Follow instructions given by the ministering leader and ushers for dismissal

    b. Ensure all your personal belongings and trash are taken out with you

    c. Vacate the premises as quickly as possible, without mingling with others outside your group

    d. Check out by tapping your TT token or phone against the blue SafeEntry gateway boxes provided at the designated door for your Zone.

On 11 March 2022, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) announced that Safe Management Measures (SMMs) would be streamlined.
The key changes affecting religious activities from 15 March 2022 are as follows:
a) event size limits and zoning requirements will be removed for congregational worship services and other mask-on religious activities. Such activities (except classes) involving more than 1,000 persons are capped at 50% of the venue’s capacity.
b) safe distancing is encouraged but will not be required between individuals or groups for all mask-on religious activities.
In view of the above changes in regulations, beginning from Sunday, 20 March 2022, we will no longer require you to book tickets on Eventbrite before you attend worship service. We can now go back to full-capacity since our sanctuary capacity is well below the 1,000 limit. So, do come for worship service onsite.
We still cannot sing during worship and do need to keep our masks on at all times. We still need you to check-in on Sunday using the TraceTogether app. If you are feeling unwell, please do stay home and follow the service online.
See you all on Sunday!

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