THE CROSS | represents Jesus Christ, Author and Perfector of our Faith.
Emmanuel, God with us. He made a way for us to draw close to Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ. The cross leads us to worship the Living God. Therefore the cross is placed at the center – Jesus is at the center of Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church (EEFC.) 

TWO PEOPLE | represents the EEFC community
Two people are seen here with hands lifted joyfully. Hands are a symbol of serving. We serve God, and seek to faithfully administer His grace in its various forms, with whatever gifts He has given us. 

Two people are seen in the logo, worshipping God. It is a twofold representation. One is that EEFC is a community that worships God. Another is that as we witness to His greatness to people in Singapore and the nations, many people in turn would be led to also praise and worship God. EEFC seeks to grow a community who follows Christ. 

There are two ways to view the two persons. Diagonally, we see one person in one colour. Vertically, we can also see one person (eg. orange at the top, red at the bottom). Having one heart within a community of diverse characters and personalities is made possible because of Jesus Christ.

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